Lo Rene`


Global Music Press House Interview with Lo Rene'


Global Music Press House: First off, How do you pronounce your name?

LoRene': My name is pronounced by putting both names together with a little twist. It is pronounced Lo-RAN-ay kind of like Lo Ran away with out the "w"

Global Music Press House: Tell me about your latest project. It's an instrumental song?

LoRene': Yes, I released an instrumental  song called, "Gratifying Grace" it is a song dedicated to God for getting me through some real tough times?

Global Music Press House: May I ask what you have been struggling with?

LoRene': Well I haven't really talked much about it but I have been struggling with a relatively rare disorder that caused my airways to close.
About 6 years ago was the worse.. I was breathing through airways that were very small the size of a small straw.. I couldn't even hardly get
out of bed without breathing like I had just run a marathon.. it was miserable and if it had gotten smaller I wouldn't have been able to breathe.. 

Global Music Press House: Sounds miserable. What made you decide to share what you went through?

LoRene': I am so grateful for all the people who have worked so hard to help me survive this and I want to give back to God for helping me through it all.  There are many people who are suffering from Subglottic Stenosis and don't even know what it is.. I want to raise awareness of the condition and that there is help for it.  I was at first misdiagnosed as asthma. Many people are first diagnosed as asthma before they discover it is something else. Asthma medication made my condition worse and so I just want to encourage people who are suffering from breathing problems to get checked for Subglottic Stenosis. 

Global Music Press House: What is the cure for the condition you had?

LoRene': I had to go through surgery to get the airways stretched out. The first surgery took care of the breathing and then I have had multiple
procedures to keep it open maintenance procedures where they catch it before it affects my breathing.. It has been a process but I am so grateful
for it. 

Global Music Press House: That must of been a tough battle where you able to sing like that?

Lorene': Yes, I was still working in the studio with the condition at its worse but my vocals are so much more powerful now that I can put air
to the sound.. its amazing how much improvement being able to breath does to singing.. when it was worse and I couldn't do much I sat and wrote
books..I would rock in a rocking chair so that my muscles would stay strong and weight lift in the chair to keep myself in shape. I learned how
to dance in a chair and worship in my mind. 

Global Music Press House: So, you wrote books. What books did you write while suffering from this condition?

Lorene': I finished "Stardom Dreamer" did the artwork for the cover and released it and "Snatch Your Dreams" during the worse of it all oh and
I wrote two more books during the time that aren't released yet. The last 6 years 1 have written over 8 or more manuscripts. Which will  be
released over the next few years.

Global Music Press House: That's great. Looks like your setback is our blessing. Looking forward to reading your books and hearing your new single.

Lorene': God is good. I really couldn't have done all this without his leading and his hand on my life. I am excited to get back to my artist career
and combine it with my now author career. I will be releasing  God willing, a speaking tour with concerts in each city of the tour.

Global Music Press House: So you have plans to tour do you have a new album in the works?

Lorene': Yes, I have been writing for the new album and have plans to record it this spring.

Global Music Press House: Awesome I can't wait to hear your new album? Well, thank you for your time. So glad you are doing better. 

Lorene': Thank you. I  look forward to releasing these books and music and getting back to work..


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