Lo Rene`


Behind the Song: Silent Prayer

I was on the freeway in the back of the car and looking out the window. Which I like to do because and it seemed like angels
had brought this guy my way. Being young we didn't date lo but at least I got a song out of it. The line .. "wishing it could still be true"  was from just breaking up with him.  As I sat there wishing it had worked out.. The song just flowed out of me. 

Behind the Song- Thinking of You

Behind the Song- Thinking of You
The lyrics on this song was written when I was in high school well at least the melody line and
hook started back then. I remember one day just writing lyrics, I wrote a ton of songs in one sitting
well Thinking of you came out of that group of songs. I put it all together from these songs like a word puzzle. 
When I went in to co-write this song I had the melody line and lyrics and just sat down with my co writer
and sang how I wanted it to go.. We worked on it in one session and then recorded it. All those years it sat
in my head waiting to become a song. What a day when I first heard it all mastered and done on CD

Behind the Song...OMG

there a gift to our world yet I have never had one.. We were the first released song to use OMG, I was hesitant to use the OMG
because it isn't God's name in vain its God's name in thank you's. We sat down and wrote the song very fast it was fun.. and that is just what the song is about having fun thanking God and so forth.. after the song I lost a few of the things listed in the song but got some of the back.. just a side note.. but it not about all the stuff God hands us. We can't take it all with us right? will someone tell me you can take it.. anyone.. Just kidding..
I am so blessed we all are so blessed by God he has spoiled us with mountains, oceans, beautiful birds and all the wonderful Thank you God for saving us all through raising Jesus from the grave and allowing him to be our supreme high priest to cover our wrongs. (Hebrews 7)

Behind the Song: NYC

Behind the Song: NYC is a fun techno/dance song that we wrote as a tribute to New York. NYC the only city I know that stays up all night. 

When we sat down to write the song I wanted to capture the night life of NYC. So, we put the skit of friends hanging out together calling 

home to say they probably would be dancing all night. As we laid down the track to the song  it just sounded like the music  said, "House Me" so since it's house music we decided to add that into the song. We had a blast writing this song. 


Behind the Song: Enter The Room

Behind the Song: Enter The Room is a song I wrote after a wonderful time in Hollywood with someone I am real close to.. The air in the room was magical so to speak,  it was an amazing dinner party  and so when I got home I wrote this song.. I wanted to capture the night how I felt and just how close I am to this person. Sometimes, you just meet someone that becomes a key figure in your life. Someone you will love forever .. these kinds of close relationships last even when you don't end up dating. This friendship has lasted through the ups and downs.. and is truly valued.